How to combine wool hats | Celeb Fashion

When the really cold days approach, wool hats become essential accessories. Hats not only protect you from low temperatures, but also become a fashion element that can totally change your outfit. First of all, there are many types of beanies. They range from the...

How to combine the colors of my clothes | Celeb Fashion

Combining the colors of the clothes is actually very easy, but we tend to be afraid of color. That’s why we settle for the more hackneyed combinations: blue/white, black/white, brown/orange and don’t explore the many, many variations that can look great. There are...

How to combine striped clothes | Celeb Fashion

Stripes are undoubtedly one of the patterns with the most personality that exist. They are daring, as well as fun and stylish, transforming any look. If you know how to combine striped clothes well, then they can really be very flattering for your image. However,...

How to combine khaki clothes | Celeb Fashion

The color khaki (also called kaki) is a kind of dark sand, or dark beige, in some cases it is described as a brownish yellow. This was the color of the uniforms of the British Empire troops in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These countries have a tropical climate,...

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