Stripes are undoubtedly one of the patterns with the most personality that exist. They are daring, as well as fun and stylish, transforming any look. If you know how to combine striped clothes well, then they can really be very flattering for your image.

However, precisely because of the personality that characterizes them, they can sometimes cause us doubts when combining stripes with other garments. For this reason, we want to teach you the necessary keys so that from now on the stripes become your perfect allies.

Striped shirt

Striped t – shirts are a basic that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of any self- respecting it girl. They are ideal for all kinds of combinations and you can use them in multiple ways.

  • A look of a striped t-shirt in black and white tones with leather leggings is a good way to combine without risking, but if you are looking for something more original, try adding some stilettos along with a bag in red tones. The result is sensational.
  • If you opt for a blouse with wide stripes, you will be able to create a very flattering effect if you are very thin, since it tends to enlarge the shapes.
  • Don’t hesitate to combine a striped t-shirt with French sleeves and a midi style skirt. It is an elegant option, with a casual and vintage touch that is most appropriate for all kinds of situations.

striped pants

Striped pants are one of the most original garments that we can find, and with which not many women dare to dabble. However, with a touch of good taste we can make very successful combinations:

  • The easiest option to combine are pants with black and white stripes, since they allow us to use a simple blouse in black tones together with a blazer to soften the effect of the stripes and not add more colors that would detract from the model.
  • Something riskier would be to combine your striped pants with a lace top and transparencies and a blazer in white tones. Ideal for a party or a less formal dinner.
  • Whenever you combine striped pants, it is important that you opt for soft colors for the rest of the garments, such as pastel tones, nude, or ocher tones.

Striped skirt

Striped skirts
 are   another of the garments that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of lovers of this unique print, in addition to offering multiple ways of combining.

  • Navy blue is undoubtedly one of the star colors when it comes to combining stripes with other garments since together with white it allows us to create flattering navy-style looks. Choose a long skirt along with platforms and a blouse in white tones, and the effect will be sensational.
  • The mini flared skirts in black and white stripes are perfect for showing off beautiful, long and slim legs. Combine it with a black t-shirt and closed black shoes. You can add a small hat and a red, brown or white bag.
  • Fancy something more daring and rebellious? Combine a black and white striped mini skirt with a black t-shirt and a leather jacket. Complement everything with black tights and black ankle boots. Rocker and sexy at the same time.

striped dress

Striped dresses create a “magical” effect that allows us to modify our figure depending on the type of stripes we use, which can work in our favor when we want to hide or, on the contrary, highlight some quality.

  • An ankle-length dress with wide and horizontal stripes in white or black colors is ideal for those women who want to appear to have a few more kilos, due to their very thin constitution. They are also very flattering if you want to hide a lot of height since they tend to shorten. They are original and allow us to use more daring color accessories such as red, pink or orange.
  • The vertical striped dresses are perfect to stylize the figure and hide those kilos that are not left over. They also stylize and make a shorter girl look taller.
  • If you like stripes but you want some balance, opt for a dress that has the body from the waist up in a single color, and the part of the skirt in a striped print, so that it is not such a monotonous look.
  • Despite the fact that the classic print   is black and white stripes, you can bet on other types of colors such as brown and black, navy blue and red, or beige and white.

striped jacket

We cannot forget one of the garments that will complement any look we choose: it is the striped jacket. And it is that any look can become a completely different outfit with a flattering striped jacket. 

  • The first key to combining a striped jacket successfully is to choose an outfit in one or at most only two colors, such as a mustard-colored dress, a black blouse and pants suit, or black shorts with a white blouse. In this way the striped jacket will look much more favored.
  • If you choose an outfit in two colors, try to have one of them in one of the tones of the stripes, to create some continuity and not create a multicolored look.
  • A dress will be most flattering if you choose a long blazer-style jacket as it is most elegant. If, on the other hand, you want to give more prominence to the clothes you wear underneath, choose a short jacket.

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