The color khaki (also called kaki) is a kind of dark sand, or dark beige, in some cases it is described as a brownish yellow.

This was the color of the uniforms of the British Empire troops in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These countries have a tropical climate, so the colonial troops needed a distinctive color that was cool at the same time. This color also had the advantage that it could serve as camouflage in regions with a lot of sand and dirt.

Khaki pants

Khaki pants are wonderful. They work perfectly for any activity of the day, whether it’s going to the antique market on the weekend, going to the office or going to lunch with your friends.

The combination possibilities of khaki pants are enormous. You can use them with white blouses for a relaxed and very neat look.  A khaki pants with a black blouse looks very elegant. You can give it color with a coral, orange or red blouse. In the blue range, it looks great with a light blue blouse, but also with a dark blue or Klein blue.

Khaki pants work very well with a mustard yellow shirt and with dark gray.
Mixing shades of khaki: say greenish khaki pants with sand khaki top is another interesting possibility.

khaki shirts

Khaki shirts or tops are very cool if they are made of cotton and look great in informal activities.  Whether it’s green khaki or sand khaki, they will always go great with jeans, dark or light.

With black trousers, the khaki shirt looks great, in the same way with navy blue, dark brown and very light beige trousers.

An impressive combination can be to combine your khaki shirt with a black skirt. The combination looks very elegant and the skirt gives air to a casual blouse.

Khaki jackets

Khaki jackets will serve you for many activities. You can have a very fitted and flattering khaki blazer, which will look very elegant, or a light and loose cotton jacket for more casual events.

You can wear your khaki jacket with black jeans and a white shirt, to give a casual tone to a classic combination.

You can also wear your khaki jacket over a black dress, so you can wear it during the day.

With dark jeans and a dark blue top, a military cut khaki jacket can look great.

khaki accessories

In this case I mean handbags, shoes, scarves or handkerchiefs. Being a neutral tone, it will look great with whatever color you are wearing.

What’s more, these types of accessories are the most suitable for establishing very extreme combinations, such as red pants with a magenta blouse, for example. In this case you should use the lightest khaki.

If you’re pairing strong blues or bright yellows, greenish khaki will look great.

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