When the really cold days approach, wool hats become essential accessories. Hats not only protect you from low temperatures, but also become a fashion element that can totally change your outfit.

First of all, there are many types of beanies. They range from the discreet and close to the head, which show your hair on the sides, to the thick ones that only show the hair. These can be smooth, with a pompom on top, or with a fold that protects even more when lowered.

Another option is a beanie, those wool hats that are narrow at the forehead and have room at the top, so they always fall a little. Beanies are perfect if you have long hair because they cover your entire head, including your hair, and don’t weigh it down. The way to put them on is to tilt your head forward, with the hair falling down, put the beanie on so that the hair is in it loosely, and then lift your head up and adjust.

Cap Quantities

As with everything, there are various options. Some people prefer to have a single neutral hat that lasts all winter and eliminate it after the season is over. Others prefer to have several hats, of different colors, thicknesses, and models, and combine them according to their outfit.

If you are one of those who prefers a neutral hat, take into account the colors that you usually wear. If you’re more into wearing browns, you can go dark brown, light brown, or in dark mustard or burnt orange. That tone will match all your outfits.

Hats, scarves, gloves, coats

One option is to combine your hat with the color of your coat. That way you can vary the way you dress, but the basic elements will always be the same. Thus, it would be to wear a black, brown or dark blue coat and hat.

Other people prefer to combine the hat with the scarf, so that there is always that unifying element even if the rest of the wardrobe changes.

color blocks

In the event that you are one of those who like color blocks, one option is to use the same color in all your outfits. For example, hat, gloves, scarf, coat, pants, shirt, sweater and shoes in blue.

It can be all in navy blue or use different shades of blue: dark blue coat, shoes and gloves, turquoise blue hat and scarf, blue jeans, blouse or sweater.

contrasting colors

This is another possibility that is very creative and interesting. Have several hats of different colors and combine them with your outfit.

For example, you can dress everything in brown: coat, pants, shoes, bag, scarf, gloves, and wear a hat in brick red or light blue.

If you usually wear black, you can use a yellow hat to give a fun touch.

If you are one of those who wear white or beige in winter, you could wear a hat in a pale shade: pink, baby yellow, baby blue

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