I’m a sucker for a bob haircut, whether it’s blunt, asymmetrical, or curly. So it’s always delightful to see folks embrace the shorter cut, and the latest celebrity to chop off her hair is Zoe Saldaña

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor stepped out with her shorter hair on July 11 for a photocall for her upcoming show, Special Ops: Lioness, which debuts on July 23. This bob was on the longer side, so it’s more of a lob, aka a long bob (super inventive name). Hairstylist Mara Roszak chopped inches of Saldaña’s hair, leaving her with a collarbone-grazing cut, and showed the process on her own Instagram.

For the event, Roszak straightened Saldaña’s short cut, styled it with a middle part, and bumped the ends inward. You’ll also notice that Saldaña’s darker brunette roots are growing in. The sliver of dark brown transitioned into her lighter caramel brown hair. 

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Saldaña wore a strappy deep purple dress with complementing lavender makeup, applied by makeup artist Vera Steimberg, who blended pastel purple pigments on her eyes and lower lash line. She also painted a pinkish nude pigment on the actor’s lips. 

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