We’re at that point in winter when even a single ray of sunshine can swiftly enhance our collective mood. Since crisp blue skies aren’t an everyday affair, we take our summertime inspiration where we can get it. Today, it comes in the form of Zendaya’s rather delightful sunshine blonde curls, as seen on her Instagram Stories.


Wearing a zesty orange, high-necked top, the actor snapped a selfie that just revealed the lower half of her face – and her excellent hair. Still in the same bob style that she debuted at the end of last year, this time she wore her hair au naturel. Her bouncy curls added dimension and body to the cut. 

Also notable was a lighter, flaxen colour through the ends, which made Zendaya’s hair look effortlessly sun-kissed and beach-ready. While her previous bob, which took inspiration from the 1950s, was a rich chestnut brown, the addition of caramel babylights makes her 2023 style feel fresh and different. 

Ever the chameleon, Zendaya has done it all on the hair front. From super-long braids and bobs to retro bouffants and hair accessories, it seems there is no hairstyle that she won’t try. And she pulls them all off, too. 

This story originally appeared on vogue.co.uk.

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