When you think of musician Nicole Scherzinger, you probably think of long, luscious brunette hair, which she often wears in sleek ponytails or glam waves. Scherzinger has mostly stuck to her signature length since her earliest days in the spotlight, but she just changed things up in a big way with a short, shaggy chop, just in time for the hottest days of summer.

Scherzinger’s new cut comes courtesy hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, who most recently gave the star Y2K-inspired space buns and red streaks. The pair then did a complete 180 with a wet-look shag that highlights Scherzinger’s enviable bone structure in the most incredible way. (Seriously, those cheekbones!) The musician’s hair has been chopped to collarbone-length with shorter layers to create texture and movement, including choppy, wavy bangs that brush past her brows. While Scherzinger’s hair is styled wet, you can easily see how it would move and dance around when blown dry or air dried. It’s a pretty major departure for the musician, which makes it all the more exciting. Wait, do I want a shag now?

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