If you had to choose between a life of short or long nails, which would you pick? Without any second guesses, I’m sticking with lengthy manicures. And I have a good feeling that Kylie Jenner would disagree with me and choose short tips instead based on her latest set: a bright red square-shaped set

On October 8, Los Angeles-based nail artist Zola Ganzorigt shared a few pictures of Jenner’s nails in a photo dump of celebrity manicures she recently created. The first two photos were dedicated to Jenner’s bright red manicure. Ganzoright filed the reality TV star’s nails into a square shape that just barely jutted out past her fingertips. The artist painted each nail with Pla Gel Polish in Messy Business, which she noted in the caption.

Back in the day, we rarely caught Jenner without a lengthy set, but since April 2022, she’s been rocking short manicures more and more. The last we saw her with long nails this year was in July when she shared a photo dump that featured her nude almond manicure.

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