Kerry Washington gave us Scandal‘s no-nonsense Olivia Pope, Little Fires Everywhere‘s Mia Warren, and, most recently, the perfectionist relationship therapist Paige Alexander from Hulu’s Unprisoned. By the end of September, she’ll be adding her memoir, Thicker Than Water, to that list of gifts. In the meantime, Washington is soaking up the sun in Kingston, Jamaica with brown and red goddess locs

Washington blessed our feeds with four photos from her Jamaican vacation on June 26. In the very first, she gives an America’s Next Top Model-worthy pose with her two-toned locs cascading over her left shoulder. Hair stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew and braider Larri collaborated on the protective style. Each goddess loc was a medium size that gradually tapered off into thinner, curlier ends. The shorter layers fell to her chest, but the rest were long enough to graze her waist. 

You’ll notice that several of those locs are brunette at the root and gradually fade into a copper color for an ombré effect. Reddish pieces of curly hair were also weaved through some locs, giving the style wavy highlights. It’s hard to see everywhere Sturdivant-Drew and Larri added the bronzed pieces of hair, but the end result is a gorgeous blend of brown and red hues on locs and curls. 

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