Is Blake Lively heading to the red carpet or Studio 54 in the ’70s? The actor was really feeling the disco vibes when she celebrated the new Tiffany & Co. flagship on April 27 in voluminous tight curls that were ready to hit the dance floor … or the jewelry store.

Lively took a sharp left turn from her usual loose, tousled beachy waves for the event, styling her warm honey blonde hair in fluffy ringlets worn down her back and over one shoulder. In true Lively fashion, the curls weren’t too perfectly styled, but instead looked as though she’d been wearing them all day, running her fingers through them to split up the clumps and give them an undone, effortless finish.

Lively paired the disco curls with a monochromatic makeup palette of pinky-bronze eye shadow, blush and lip color, which played off her ’70s-inspired brown leather shirtdress, bold gold snake necklace and stacked bracelets. The whole effect is very “I just time traveled out of 1978.” Needless to say, it’s working for Lively in a big way.

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