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Welcome to July, SagittariusDuring June, there was a chaotic full moon in your sign, and Pluto’s once-in-a-generation shift asked you to re-examine your work/life balance, ensuring you have as much personal time as possible. If last month’s full moon left you anxious, the bright lunation redeems itself this month when Monday, July 3, brings a full moon in Capricorn and your 2nd House of Possessions. For some archers, this could mean a culmination of financial discussions. However, your 2nd House of Possessions isn’t just about money; it’s about all earthly and tangible pleasures, such as massagesleep, and sex toys. Considering Pluto is currently asking you to carve out more time for yourself, away from work, it’s most likely that your assignment this full moon is to dive deep into wellness, a theme that will help you all month. 

You’re a formidable fire sign, and you’re happiest when others are aware of the power of your flame, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, Sagittarius. You enjoy recognition; it’s okay to admit it. With lucky Jupiter as your ruling planet, you are infuriatingly good at everything, from your job to your favorite creative hobby, so you tend to deserve praise. And it’s coming your way when the fighter planet Mars enters perfectionist Virgo and your 10th House of Social Status on Monday, July 10. This transit sees friends taking you out to celebrate an achievement or a vote of confidence from your boss or coworker. However, as a fiercely independent sign, the approval you seek most deeply is your own. So, during the dark new moon in kind Cancer and your 8th House of Transformation on Monday, July 17, which marks new cycles, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back as you level up in an area of life.  

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Astrologers are warning all star signs about Venus retrograde, which begins on Saturday, July 22, and goes through Sunday, September 3. If you can, wait to book any major cosmetic procedures, such as plastic surgery or a drastic new haircut, until after Venus, which rules beauty, goes direct. If you already have something on the books, be direct and specific in your instructions so you get exactly what you want. (For instance, anyone scheduled for gender-affirming surgery or any other life-saving procedure should absolutely keep their appointments; your well-being is far more important than any retrogrades, and both Venus and the stars have your back.)

On this same date, Saturday, July 22, the sun enters Leo, kicking off Leo season, which is all about being bold in your communication, which helps you survive the start of Venus retrograde. Because Venus also rules love and money, conversations around these topics can be more challenging during the pretty planet’s backward dance, once again emphasizing the need for straightforward communication.

The next day, Chiron, on Sunday, July 23, an astrologically significant comet called the “wounded healer” also goes retrograde. Chiron’s retrograde is all about healing trauma and caring for childhood wounds. This can sound heavy, but you don’t need to be in therapy to make the most out of Chiron retrograde, which lasts for the rest of the year, ending on Tuesday, December 26. Just remember to continue to be nice to yourself, Sag. You like to be seen as strong, but remember that sometimes, being gentle is the greatest show of strength. And you can get ready for August knowing that July ends with chatty Mercury entering Virgo and your 10th House of Social Status on Friday, July 28, which means that, whether it’s at a party or at work, you’re going to impress people, so much that they tell everyone they know about you. Enjoy, and see you next month.

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