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It’s August, Sagittarius, which means Virgo season, and Mercury retrograde. Last month, Venus began its backward dance. As the ruler of beauty, permanent appearance changes may be discouraged during Venus retrograde, but luxurious self-care is more important than ever. Of course, you’re the only sign depicted wielding a weapon; if you just need a piercing and you need it now, go for it. Venus retrograde doesn’t mean the end of glamour, but it does mean slowing down and adding mindfulness to self-care routines. Put this advice to the test when Tuesday, August 1, brings a full moon in Aquarius. Jokes aside about you being the only sign to carry a weapon, this lunation can leave everyone prone to gossip and petty fights. Opt to relax at home or treat yourself to a spa treatment or at-home face mask

When Wednesday, August 16, brings a new moon in social Leo (which, yes, is a fire sign like you). New moons are ideal for adventures, so try a bar you’ve never been to or craft a cocktail on your own back home. As long as you’re down to switch up so much as your drink order and in the company of people who make you laugh, this night looks to be so much fun that you might want to circle it in your calendar. And, while you’re at it, mark Wednesday, August 23 down as well. Yes, that’s the date that Mercury retrograde begins, so make sure that if you’re sending nudes, it’s to the right person(s), as miscommunications and technological mishaps will happen. However, the sun enters Virgo and illuminates the 10th House of Social Status. So, remind yourself that yes, you can excel at anything you put your mind to, because the next few weeks bode well for advancement in all areas of your life. 

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Mars, the planet of f*cking or fighting, enters Libra, the sign of relationships but also justice, and your 11th House of Friendship on Sunday, August 27. You may have to solve a disagreement with a friend. Perhaps you enjoyed too much wine during the new moon with your bestie and get into a silly fight. Go ahead and be the bigger person and apologize (even if you’re being stubborn and think that’s on them). Or, you may realize that you can trust a love interest like a friend and want to run away as your fear of commitment kicks in. As long as you self-soothe through relaxing techniques, thanks to the balancing influence of Libra, you’ll be able to put out any disagreements. 

Uranus, the rebel of the zodiac, also goes retrograde this month in Taurus and your 6th House of Health on Monday, August 28. Uranus retrograde is all about makeovers and releasing anything you don’t need. When your House of Health comes up in horoscopes, it’s not to scare you about illness but to turn your attention to wellness routines. As a result, for the next five months, when Uranus is retrograde, you’ll likely toss out old beauty products that you’re bored of and enjoy switching up your look. When Venus goes direct, shortly after, on Sunday, September 3, feel free to make all the drastic beauty changes you want, such as a permanent tattoo or plastic surgery. But go ahead and start your wellness journey by ensuring you get your beauty sleep on Wednesday, August 30. This date brings a full moon in lethargic Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family, so your bed dreamily beckons you. 

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