Blake Lively is bringing Serena van der Woodsen back again … or is she? If her hair is to be believed, Lively is absolutely channeling the golden girl of the Upper East Side in her new movie role.

Lively is busy filming her upcoming movie It Ends With Us and has ditched her signature honey blonde color in favor of a copper red per her character Lily Bloom. Fans have gotten a few glimpses at Lively-as-Lily via paparazzi pics from set, and a recent photo is really giving Serena. Lively, in full costume, wore her hair in the beachy, perfectly-imperfect long waves that became S’s signature on Gossip Girl. You know the ones: the effortless “I woke up like this” bends that were basically synonymous with Serena — and Lively herself. The actor’s hair was parted subtly to one side and worn long past her shoulders to her mid-back, styled in loose barrel waves that look like they may have been shaped by a Dyson Airwrap on day one and then evolved over a few days. Lively-as-Lily wore minimal makeup, just a touch of pink lip color and a defined, arched brow. The outfit, with its mismatched textures and prints, may not be Serena-approved, but the hairstyle definitely is.

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