Now that the hot weather has become consistent here in New York, it’s time to get my hair braided for summer. I’ve been on the hunt for some new hair inspiration, and I think I found it thanks to Willow Smith’s latest braided hairstyle: beaded cornrows that were braided into a labyrinth-like pattern.

On May 29, Smith showed off her new braided hairstyle in an Instagram carousel. The first seflie of Smith features a side view of her braids. They aren’t a set of straight-back cornrows. In fact, there seems to be no rhythm or rhyme to how each section of hair was braided. Right at the front, her hair was braided into a swirly pattern down the side of her head with the end of the cornrow falling in front of her ear. Another plait from the back of her head also fell right in front of her ear.

The fifth photo shows a different angle of these cornrows from the top. You can see one braid in a zig-zag pattern that goes straight to the back of her head. Two sections of hair on either side of the zig-zag cornrow were braided into loops. Large multicolored beads in brown, blue, yellow, purple, and orange hues adorned the ends of each braid.

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