Dr. Nichols adds that a person’s body is changing dramatically during pregnancy. “Hormone fluctuations and skin changes occur during this time as well,” she says. “For these reasons, fillers may produce an unwanted result for the patient and should be avoided until after pregnancy.”

In place of fillers and Botox, you might opt for topical treatments, like the Shiseido Skin Fillers Serums, which mimic the firming and plumping effects of injectables with hyaluronic acid and bupleurum falcatum root extract. Just make sure to skip the salicylic acid, retinoids, and hydroquinone, which have not been deemed safe for those who are pregnant or nursing.

Can you have facial plastic surgery while pregnant?

Facial plastic surgery — along with other elective surgeries — is not recommended for those who are pregnant. “Surgery carries its own risks, as does the anesthesia that accompanies it,” says Dr. Hack, who suggests waiting six to eight weeks after childbirth before having elective surgery.

Can you get a facial while pregnant?

Classic facials — you know, the ones that involve a thorough cleanse, extractions, and a soothing massage with serums and creams — are generally safe for pregnancy as long as you avoid certain ingredients in products. “Almost all facials with a licensed medical aesthetician are pregnancy-safe and can be made safe by individually customizing each facial,” says Dr. Nichols. “The aesthetician uses their knowledge and skills to decide on pregnancy-safe facials by avoiding salicylic acid and any harsh peels.”

Mild glycolic peels and lactic acids are safe to use, according to Dr. Mariwalla. Oxygen and hydrating facials are also pregnancy-approved options. 

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Body treatments

Can you get a spray tan while pregnant?

Spray tans are often debated among ob-gyns, says Dr. Jackson-Bey. She advises against them until after your pregnancy, due to the chemicals in the tanner and its aerosol delivery. 

Can you get a massage while pregnant? 

They’re safe and a dreamy way to spend 30 to 90 minutes, as long as you make sure to specifically ask for a prenatal massage with a licensed massage therapist. This type of massage “safely accommodates the growing belly and prevents you from lying on your back for a prolonged period of time,” says Dr. Hack.

Can you get laser hair removal while pregnant?

Laser treatments (e.g. laser hair removal, Excel V, AviClear, tattoo removal, etc.) are not recommended until after you’ve had your baby, says Dr. Hack. “It’s probably best to delay until at least 12 weeks postpartum to allow time for hormones to return to pre-pregnancy levels,” she says. 

Can you get a Brazilian wax while pregnant?

Yes, you can get waxed while you’re pregnant. “Hair removal through body waxing is a safe option for parents who are expecting,” says Dr. Nichols. “The wax used during hair removal is not absorbed into the skin and therefore is not harmful to the patient or the fetus.” But be warned: The treatment may hurt more than it usually does. “During pregnancy, there is an increase in blood volume, which can lead to swelling in the feet, hands, and vulva,” says Dr. Hack. “A swollen vulva can be uncomfortable due to the pressure and waxing can make it more painful.”

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