Margot Robbie apparently wanted to keep her custom Chanel nail color at the Saltburn premiere a secret recipe exclusive only to her, and after seeing a pic of the color combo, we totally get it. While the actor kept her hands stashed in her Schiaparelli gown pockets on the red carpet, the manicure hiding underneath the couture was absolutely worth copying.

Manicurist Tom Bachik, who frequently works with Robbie, created a custom “khaki green” combo to compliment Robbie’s rich brown corseted gown. First, he trimmed and prepped her nails with his Tweezerman nail care set, sculpting them into short, elegant squares. Once Robbie’s nails were shaped to her liking, Bachik got to whipping up her greenish-beige color combo. To get the look, he used two shades of Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color for the bespoke blend: Beige Cendre, a beige with gray undertones, and Brun Fum, a grayish taupe brown. While Robbie kept her hands in her pockets for much of the red carpet, you can see a close-up on Bachik’s Instagram.

Both shades are now discontinued, sadly, so Robbie’s mani mix is truly unique to her. Is it beige? Is it brown? Is it taupe? Is it green? Is it all of the above? Yes! The color is soft but unique; it may be simple, but it definitely stands out from the milky hues and French manis that have been so popular this year.

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