Welcome to Just Asking, the rapid-fire questionnaire where celebrities tell us everything we never needed to know about their beauty routines. This week’s participant is actor Marsai Martin, best known for her portrayal of Diane Johnson in the ABC series Black-ish. But as she tells us, she’s got a lot more going on than just that.

At the age of 19, I was an average college student struggling to figure out how to “work hard, play hard,” eat three full meals a day, and get at least eight hours of sleep every night (things I very much still struggle with eight years later). Marsai Martin, on the other hand, has accomplished more by that age than most “grown-ups” can say they have. In addition to her numerous acting roles, she has founded her own production company, Genius Productions, launched a press-on nail brand, Mari by Marsai, and recently launched an event series, Sai Summer Cookout But that wasn’t enough on her plate, so she also just added brand ambassador for Clinique to her list of many titles.

When I video chat with the Black-ish star, she looks just as accomplished as she sounds. Dressed in a bright green blazer, the actor wore her long, loose waves in a half-up style with face-framing tendrils. She paired it with neutral makeup, including a matte cut crease.

When I ask how she manages to juggle being an actor, producer, entrepreneur, and an everyday human, she says, “I wish I knew myself. I guess what helps a lot is my friends and my family; you always need to have support along the ride.” She punctuates her thoughts with lively hand movements, which give me a glimpse of her long nails. Her dimples peek out from her cheeks every time she giggles.

She attributes her work ethic to being a Leo. “It comes from the Leo in me that always wants to one up something that I do,” she says. “So I always strive to not just…to prove something to other people, but within myself, too, because the possibilities are endless.”

After casually mulling over her long list of successes, Martin gracefully acquiesced to our rapid-fire beauty questionnaire, Just Asking.

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