With that being said, no matter how old you are, with heat waves occurring more frequently, you may find that your typical deodorant isn’t cutting it in the high temperatures.

In an effort to make your deodorant last longer, Further suggests getting in a routine of washing your underarms like you would wash your hands, since the underarms tend to harbor bacteria. “If you still have yesterday’s bacteria after you get out of the shower on your underarms, then you are starting your day in a really bad position in terms of top performance with a deodorant,” she says.

Dr. Reich echoed this sentiment. “Washing your underarm areas helps prevent a buildup of bacteria, which can cause odor,” she says. “A thorough washing of the underarms once or twice a day is super important if you are prone to heavy or smelly perspiration.”

And even though the amount we sweat may change or fluctuate over time, most people benefit from regularly using an antiperspirant or deodorant, Dr. Reich says, adding that it’s important to understand the difference. Deodorants are fragrance-containing products that help neutralize or mask the smell of bacteria and sweat, but they don’t actually prevent you from sweating. To reduce the amount of sweat, you’ll need to use a reliable antiperspirant, which typically contains an aluminum compound to help prevent sweating from occurring. These formulas have tiny aluminum molecules that plug up sweat gland ducts and prevent the propulsion of sweat, says Dr. Reich.

There’s long been chatter about the safety of using aluminum-based antiperspirants. And while the decision is, as ever, totally up to you, the scientific evidence of such claims just isn’t there. That said, according to Dr. Reich, “as one ages, there may be less need for an antiperspirant, and switching to a deodorant may be sufficient.”

What is the best way to manage sweat?

Getting in the habit of washing your armpits in the same way you’d wash your hands is an important practice if you’re looking to smell and sweat less, Further emphasized.

Before you reapply deodorant, she recommends giving your pits a thorough lather-rinse-repeat washing, like you would with your hands, and if you want to take it a step further, focusing on using ingredients like apple cider vinegar and salt. These natural antibacterial ingredients will leave a salty film on the underarms and help fight off the bacteria that comes from sweat.

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