I almost exclusively associate Rita Ora with curls or waves. It’s hard for me to picture her without hair that has a ripple to it. So, I was rather shocked when the “Don’t Think Twice” singer showed up to the Michael Kors New York Fashion Week show with inches upon inches of mostly straightened hair. 

Ora’s blonde curls typically fall to her mid-back, so her hair is already long. But at the fashion show on September 11, the British singer’s ends nearly touched her hips. As usual, she wore her hair in a middle part. Her shorter curtain bangs were flipped slightly at the ends and just grazed her temples. 

Her ends weren’t completely straight and had the slightest wave to them. I wouldn’t be shocked if her hair had started reverting to its curly state at any point in the day due to New York City’s brutal humidity. If the heat wasn’t doing its thing, my next guess is that she spritzed a sea salt spray on her ends for that hint of texture. 

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