Ask experts and beauty-loving laypeople alike and they’ll tell you that summer simply calls for highlights. It’s a sun-kissed look that, instead of being unpredictably lightened by the sun itself, is given very intentional dimension by a trusted colorist — if you’re into that kind of thing. Which Camila Cabello used to be. This summer, however, she’s going in a totally opposite direction with some seriously chic, extra-dark hair.

Cabello posted photos to her Instagram grid a couple of days ago with just a black heart emoji as the caption, and we’re choosing to interpret that as “I love my new jet-black hair.” Although it’s hard to tell what length it currently is, even in cute little space buns, it’s apparent that her hair is significantly darker than it was just a week ago.

Stylist and founder of Los Angeles’s Nine Zero One salon posted a couple of the same photos Cabello did, writing, “Retro Brunette ???? dark & sexy for summer 2023” in her caption.

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Even though she was sporting ample highlights late last year, it seemed she might be inching in a more goth direction when she wore black lipstick and a faux bridge piercing for the season finale of The Voice. But this new dark hair is a decidedly bigger commitment, and a gorgeous one to boot. We’re completely on board with this as a summer look.

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