Anyone who’s ever enthusiastically gotten a bob haircut has reached a point at which that enthusiasm wanes and you find yourself pining for longer hair; and anyone who’s ever gone from a chin-length style to a shoulder-length one knows that there’s an awkward period in which the shape that worked so well two inches ago is now a life-ruiner. Well, anyone but Zendaya, that is. What seems to be an inevitable wonky phase for everyone who grows out a bob is apparently quite evitable for the superstar. 

Zendaya has been bobbing on and off for a while now. In April 2022, she did a dress rehearsal via faux bob, and then actually went for it last summer, only to grow it out a bit and then chop it again last December into the bob we’ve been admiring for months. But when Zendaya was spotted at the Bulgari Hotel Roma opening last week, it was clear her hair has started gracefully creeping into lob territory. 

And, like, what is going on here? The glamorous, deep part, the effortless way her layers lay — how can Zendaya just pass go and collect $200 while the rest of us are trying to pretend that our lobs are intentional and not just a misshapen rest stop on the way to our long-hair destination? I recently heard someone refer to a grown-out bob as a Robert, and that vibe is so painfully accurate — for everyone except Zendaya. 

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