Right as New York Fashion Week came to an end, the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards made its annual return on Tuesday, September 12. We’ve already shared our opinions on some of the best looks of the night, but there is one hairstyle that isn’t getting the love it deserves. The look in question was the huge bow made out of hair seen atop Saweetie‘s head. 

The rapper co-hosted the preshow, wearing another look, including a sparkly Area gown with bone accents that reminded many Twitter users of The Flintstones. Saweetie’s hair was pulled into a tight ponytail at the back of her head. 

Later on in the night, she swapped it out for a bow made out of black hair sitting on her crown. Her hair bow looked as sleek and glossy as the rest of her dark hair. 

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She changed her entire look except for the makeup. She wore a Kim Shui corset dress that was fresh off the runway, similar to her earlier outfit. Her shimmery pink makeup and glossy lips remained, but her bedazzled, silver French manicure was gone. Instead of the coffin-shaped tips, she had teal, stiletto talons with golden chains and charms dangling from each nail. 

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