I love when my nails are done, but unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a manicure since my birthday… in November. And let’s not even get into how I kept that same Aprés Gel X extension set on until February (save the judgment). To put it lightly, I’ve been suffering. So it feels like Vanessa Hudgens felt my inner turmoil and shared her new neon-green aura nails to ease my pain.

The Disney Channel alum posted a picture of her new nails on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “I’m baaaack.” Listen, I love long, bright nails, so please indulge me as I admire every centimeter of these almond-shaped tips

Los Angeles-based nail artist Zola Ganzorigt sculpted and coated each rounded tip with a warm taupe hue. In the middle of each nail, she added a yellow-green hue as bright as a tennis ball to create the gradient effect that’s key to any aura manicure. Ganzorigt gave these neon nails extra oomph with a gold star charm that she adhered to the center of both middle fingers. 

As a refresher, aura nails are a trendy ombré design meant to mimic an aura, or a type of energy that can only be seen using a specific type of photography. The nail polish colors used don’t have to be complementary shades. In fact, they can exist on complete opposite ends of the color wheel if you want. What is most important is ensuring the edges look diffused, so you can’t tell exactly where one color begins and another one ends.  

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