It’s Paris Fashion Week, so naturally, I’ve been eagerly anticipating each and every one of Cardi B’s show-stopping fashion and beauty moments. A collective gasp could be heard around the world on July 3 when she stepped out looking like a gothic peacock in a strapless Schiaparelli black gown with a massive cape. Now, she’s walking through the Paris streets with silky hair that’s longer than a CVS receipt, my patience, and my list of grievances with this country — so it’s long

On July 4, the Bronx-bred rapper was spotted wearing a Valentino jumpsuit with a matching jacket and strappy black heels. Her sleek hair had such unbelievable shine that I swear I’d be able to see my reflection if I looked into it. Her hair was parted down the middle and fell into inky black sheets around her knees. I wouldn’t be shocked if the onlookers in the photo below were as amazed by Cardi B and her hair as I was.  

With shiny, pin-straight hair like this, Cardi B’s makeup needed to be just as on point, and it was. Her go-to makeup artist Erika La’Pearl gave her a neutral glam look with large wispy lashes, a cut crease, and brown glossy lips. Her nails were filed into a long square shape and painted with white polish, and you can see her matching toenails

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