Aquarius, a fixed air sign, concerns itself with communication and information as well as intellectuality, thought, and reason. Like other fixed air signs (Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus), Aquarius has a propensity for stubbornness and perhaps even a resistance to change. That said, Aquarius is nevertheless a radical thinker, frequently bringing new ideas to those around them and swift, decisive action.

You can check out our full rundown on Pluto’s transit into Aquarius for more details on its astrological significance and impact, or read on to learn about its effect on you.

How will Pluto in Aquarius impact your zodiac sign?

Jump ahead to read an astrologer’s predictions of what Pluto’s move into Aquarius on Thursday, March 23, 2023, means for your sign:


As you may have anticipated, Pluto will be going through your 1st House, which is Aquarius (of course). This is going to be a huge time of growth for you, during which you will learn about yourself — both your limitations and your possibilities. Aquarius signs are not known for going deep into their personal emotions, preferring to spend their time focusing on tasks to get done. However, during this period, you may be forced to sit with deeply uncomfortable feelings. It will likely be difficult at times, but remember: due to the relative rarity of Pluto’s moves into new zodiac signs, not everyone experiences Pluto in their 1st House during their lifetime. For some reason, though, you are — and that in itself is meaningful.


Some daunting news, Pisces: Pluto in Aquarius is going through your 12th House of the unconscious, dreams, and “hidden enemies.” These so-called hidden enemies are often our own negative tendencies, obsessions, and self-destructive ways of thinking and behaving. Any planet in the 12th House, also known as the “House of Undoing,” will always push you to confront the ways in which you self-sabotage. At some point on Pluto’s journey through your 12th House, you may see immense pain come up — perhaps pain you have kept buried for a long time. This will likely be hard, but because of its ties to the collective unconscious and our divine cosmic connection, you may also find yourself driven to create through all forms of creative expression.


Pluto in Aquarius is going into your 11th House of friends, groups, and hopes and dreams, dear Aries. This may be a period for you where your social circles drastically change, seeing you meet new people and find yourself drawn to new communities. Depending on the state of your current platonic relationships, this may be an exciting time. That said, you may become disillusioned with your current life and goals. The sudden realization that your vision for your life may be changing might be scary or intimidating, but I have confidence that you can face it head-on with bravery and openness.


Pluto in Aquarius is going into your 10th House of career and reputation. Your job and ambitions may go through major upheaval and change. You may decide to change career paths; perhaps your industry may change in such a way that you have to find a new way to work in it. There also may be power struggles with your boss or in your workplace at some point. Another way this could manifest, though, is a little more exciting: If you have been sitting on the sidelines these last several years, you might get a cosmic tap on your shoulder that its time to step and come into a place of more power and prestige in your career.


Hello, Gem. Pluto in Aquarius will arrive into your 9th House of beliefs and higher learning. This may be a time when you question long held beliefs your understanding of the world. You could also find yourself called to a higher purpose, perhaps even realize your desire to go back to school for an all-new path in life. Maybe your goal is to finish college, go to grad school, or find an online course or teacher that sparks your curiosity. Since the 9th House also governs law and organized religion, there is a chance you could become embroiled in a legal battle — I truly hope not, though! — or feel called to delve deeper into religion and spirituality.


For Cancer signs, Pluto in Aquarius is going into the 8th House of merging, the subconscious, shared money and resources, or, as we astrologers like to say, “sex, death, and taxes.” You may have to take a hard look at your finances. It could also be a time for doing deep emotional work with a therapist or healer. If you’ve neglected in taking care of your taxes, shared property, or even a shared business, now is a time when the proverbial you-know-what may hit the fan. There could be power struggles over an inheritance or anyone you have a joint bank account with. Plus, with the 8th House, we are sometimes asked to confront death and say goodbye to someone or something we love. And let’s not forget intimacy: Your relationship to sex and your own sexuality could change during this time, as Pluto unearths secrets and asks for deeper connection.


Pluto in Aquarius is going into your 7th House of one-to-one relationships, partnerships, and marriage. If you are presently in a romantic relationship or a business partnership, this will be a time when you may be asked to make big changes within it. You may realize you want something different, not an ending necessarily, but you want something serious to change. Perhaps your partner may ask for the change. That said, whether you are in a relationship or not, Pluto showing up in your 7th House will help you to more clearly see the kinds of people you tend to attract, how you behave in relationships, and what needs to change (or stay the same).


Pluto in Aquarius is going into your 6th House of health, work, and daily routine. This could be a period where you take a long look at your health, diet, and routine — health issues may arise, so stay in tune with your body and vigilant regarding any changes. Additionally, you may be faced with challenges around how you spend your days. Do you have a long commute? Are you going to a job that makes you miserable? Are you overworking yourself and running your body into the ground? If you’ve been ignoring your health, consider that the stars are sending you subtle signals to stop skipping regular doctor’s visits and minimizing your health concerns. These things that will have to be dealt with sooner or later; you might as well make it sooner, even if it’s just for peace of mind.


Pluto in Aquarius is going into your 5th House of creativity, hobbies, and children. You may realize some of the things you used to do for fun simply do not bring you joy any longer. Perhaps you have outgrown an old hobby, maybe you are just ready to throw in the towel on a once-nostalgic past-time. Likewise, this could be a time when you are compelled to seek out leisure activities with more substance. You are looking for real connection and creative expression that has a purpose. If you have children, they may go through big transformations during this time, as well.


For Scorpios, Pluto will be going into the 4th House, which covers home, family, and your roots. You may face major change in your home or family situation, which may manifest as planning a move (big or small) or making drastic changes to your home. You may have painful family history come up again as you or someone in your family deals with a major upset. This can be a serious “rug pulled out from under you” feeling and it can be quite overwhelming. You may feel unsafe emotionally or even physically. No matter how you want to interpret it, this just is not an easy aspect — please, be good to yourself. 


Here’s the deal, Sag: Pluto is going into your 3rd House of communication, neighbors, and siblings. The entire way that you listen, speak, hear other people, and express yourself may change, and you will see the power that words can truly hold. Watch out for gossip and do not trust everything you hear. For those who have siblings, you may see them undergo a huge life change. Whether this is a positive shift, a negative one, or simply a big change, in general, is important to be there for them however you can.


For Capricorns, Pluto in Aquarius is going into the 2nd House of personal finances, income, and self-esteem. This period will be a major time to get serious about your finances. If you have always meant to gain a clearer picture of your money, savings, and spending, now is the time when you will be pressured to actually do so. The 2nd House holds our valuables and what we value, including what we value in ourselves; in other words, our self-worth. As a Capricorn, you often make earning and reward success the benchmark for how you measure yourself. While Pluto transits your 2nd, you may have to step away from your achievements at times and take a good look at who you are without them.

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