The tattoo itch is something serious. I only started getting tattoos two years ago, and every day, I’m battling with myself to not set up an appointment. But Billie Eilish is making it hard for me because the singer just shared a teaser photo of her latest body art.

On September 21, Eilish shared a peek of her back tattoo on Instagram with the caption, “%*&+^#/,” which perfectly describes the chaotic vibe of her photo dump. Her tattoo teaser is in the very first photo, and you can see the black abstract art creeping up towards the nape of her neck from underneath her top. It’s hard to describe what tattoo artist Matias Milan etched into her skin because we can’t see much from this vantage point other than some unidentifiable linework. Upon seeing it the first time, I thought of those ink blots from the Rorschach test.

It’s also hard to tell just how big this back tattoo is because we can only see the upper part of it. There’s a chance the black ink is covering the rest of her back in a similar pattern. On the other hand, there might only be an inch of tattoo left beneath her black t-shirt. Who’s to say!

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