There are a few more days of Paris Fashion Week, which officially ends on October 3, so we still have some time to admire the beauty moments on and off the runway. The look that’s been occupying our minds today is Michelle Yeoh‘s glossy, duo-toned curls, which she wore to the Schiaparelli Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 show on September 28. 

For the fashion event, the Everything Everywhere All at Once actor went for a classic vibe with an all-black outfit. Her curls surrounded her and fell all the way down to her waist. Yeoh swept most of her shiny curls to the side, leaving a section of hair falling past her chest while the rest cascaded down her back. Her wavy hair texture looked like the light ripples that form after you skip a stone across the water.

In addition to the curls, we’re also loving her dark-brown-to-warm-brown hair color. You can see the dark brown color at her roots start to transition to a lighter caramel shade as your eyes trail down the length of the hair.  

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