Bella Hadid‘s latest hair update looks as though it walked right out of my high school circa 2003. The model, who spent late 2022 evolving her hair color from a deep espresso brunette to a golden honey blonde, appears to have let her favorite fashion decade, the 2000s, inspire the current iteration of her hair color — and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it sent me straight back to my teen years.

Hadid shared a carousel of candid snapshots of herself with photographer Renell Medrano and hairstylist Evanie Frausto, as well as a few solo shots. In the photos, the model is wearing a signature Y2K-inspired outfit of low-rise lime green chinos with a floral leather belt, a matching lime cropped mock-neck top and a matching graphic hoodie layered over that, but despite the eye-catching color of her ensemble, it’s her hair that really steals the spotlight. Forgive me, but is Hadid bringing back one of the most prevalent 2000s trends, the chunky highlight?

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