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Welcome to May, Virgo. Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, began one of its frustrating retrogrades last month. While you’ve survived many of these before, miscommunications, unwelcome texts from exes, and friends showing up late to dinner can get on your nerves. You’re not as uptight as your perfectionist reputation portrays, but you hate when people waste your time. So use the weekend of Friday, May 5, during the full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your 3rd House of Communication, to enjoy luxurious alone time. Eclipses are chaotic and could bring further misunderstandings to an already challenging time talking it out. So grab your favorite snacks coziest planet, and catch up on your favorite TV shows. Sloth is in; overexertion is out.

However, when the stress of the eclipse lowers, consider ending the weekend with a coven meeting or, you know, just fun times with your trusted friends. On Sunday, May 7, Venus enters Cancer and your 11th House of Friendship. So unwind, remind yourself how meaningful your friendships are, share some food, and spill some tea.  

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Breathe a sigh of relief because Mercury retrograde ends on Sunday, May 14. But you should still proofread your emails and texts, especially surrounding any professional or passion projects dear to your heart. Unfortunately, as you’ve been warned, our economy’s failures are more powerful than horoscopes, so, as a result, astrologers can’t promise money. But, we can have some fun and a little magic hope and tell you what days the stars offer abundance. One of those comes on the new moon, which marks fresh cycles, in Venusian Taurus on Friday, May 19. So, whether you’ve been considering trying to monetize a hobby, or apply for a new job, if the stars are to be trusted, you just might get some good news around this time. 

The theme of abundance continues when the fighter planet Mars enters bold Leo on Saturday, May 20, further reminding you of your worth. However, you have to work on learning how to ask for help. You’re known as the hermit of the zodiac, Virgo. Do you sometimes pull away into your own world or lock others out during times of stress? This might be your natural response, but even if you are perfect at almost everything, there is power in community. So while you’re working on your plan to seal the deal, whether it’s at work or writing a book of poetry just for fun, ask your friends for help. You’ll be in awe of how helpful and caring their input is. 

When the sun enters fun-loving Gemini and your 10th House of Social Status on May 21, the theme of friendships will continue, but you don’t have to worry about work. The next few weeks are for relaxation, enjoying as much time for yourself as possible, and exploring some of 2023’s best makeup looks. Have a great month, Virgo, and see you in June. 

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