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Happy August, Virgo; your season begins this month. Are you ready for it?

Last month, Venus, the ruler of love and beauty, went retrograde. As a result, pampering yourself, whether you enjoy elaborate skin-care routines, exploring bold eye makeup, massages, or just sleeping as much as possible, your assignment is to feel good. That theme continues when Tuesday, August 1, brings a full moon in Aquarius and your 6th House of Health. (Remember, when your House of Health comes up, it doesn’t mean you’re in physical danger, we’re just talking about wellness). Everyone thinks full moons are all about partying, but they can also leave the best of us feeling anxious. Venus is still retrograde and will be through September. So, if you need an excuse to flake on plans, say that your astrologer told you that between the full moon and Venus retrograde, you honestly would rather watch TV and take a long bath instead of party. 

However, half a lunar cycle later, you’re craving companionship. During the bold Leo new moon on Wednesday, August 16, challenge yourself to try something you’ve never done before with your favorite person, such as a best friend or romantic interest. So, whether you decide to dress up for a picnic, go to an amusement park, or check something off your sexual fantasy bucket list, your theme for the Leo new moon is exploration. 

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And happy solar return, Virgo. The sun enters your sign, officially kicking off Virgo season on Wednesday, August 23. During the new moon, you feel social, and it’s important to do something for your birthday, or else you might feel sad (don’t try to deny it). However, Virgo season is a great time to remember that you are the hermit of the zodiac. It’s okay to spend some (or much) of the following weeks alone or resting as summer gives way to fall. It’s called Virgo season for a reason; you get to decide how to spend it. Plus, this year, on the same date the sun enters your sign, Wednesday, August 23, your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, begins one of its retrogrades. Don’t fret; you’ve been through this before. Just double-check texts for typos, ignore happy birthday messages from toxic exes, and in addition to allowing extra travel time, allow for extra alone time (should you crave it). 

Don’t worry; your season is all about celebrating you, even if there is one more retrograde to fill you in on. Rebellious Uranus also goes retrograde on Monday, August 28, where it will stay through the end of January 2023. During the next five months, your task is to challenge how you think about self-care and carve out alone time. Sure, you may like watching TV, enjoying a creative hobby, and taking extra long baths. Still, even the healer of the zodiac can experience guilt arising from the constant productivity capitalism demands. Changing your outlook can take time and practice, but the best night to start is during the full moon in Pisces and your 7th House of Partnership on Wednesday, August 30. Call up your partner or bestie and say come over; we’re doing nothing. Enjoy, happy solar return, and see you in September. 

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