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Welcome to February 2023, Virgo. It doesn’t matter if you love Valentine’s Day or hate it; this month sprinkles fairy dust all over your love and sex life. So affection awaits (you’ve been warned). At the end of January, you tried to make time for relaxation after a rather hectic month. From catching up at work to generally decompressing from the holidays, the beginning of a year is always stressful. So when Sunday, February 5, brings a bright full moon in bold Leo, use this lunation as an excuse to stay in and check out. Full moons can lead to drama. Don’t worry; there’s nothing suspicious about this full moon that indicates that it will cause trouble for you. However, it is an excellent excuse to turn down party invitations and catch up on much-needed rest instead. Simply say your astrologer insists you need sleep during the Leo full moon. Your corresponding tarot card is the hermit, Virgo, so remember that you require alone time to recharge. 

The theme of self-care continues when your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, enters Aquarius and your 6th House of Health on Saturday, February 11. Just like astrologers shouldn’t promise money, we also aren’t doctors, so when we talk about health, it encompasses beauty, rest, and general well-being. Thanks to communicative Mercury, this transit helps you advocate for your wellness needs. This may mean working more from home, asking for more attention in a relationship, or expanding your support system by spending more time with friends.  

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By now, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. However, once the sun enters Pisces on Saturday, February 18, the stars shine bright on your love life. The next few weeks see you deepening your partnerships. Of course, there is no set recipe for this. Some Virgos will strengthen platonic relationships and take a break from dating. Others will find themselves experiencing otherworldly intimacy after sex, wonderful dinner dates, and life-changing orgasms. 

In particular, Sunday, February 19, is epic for romance, Virgo. The sky goes black on this night with a new moon in Pisces. Because new moons mark the start of a new cycle, this lunation sees your love life elevating in whatever direction you want it. All you really need to know is that the stars are on your side. The rest of the magic is up to you. Also, on Sunday, February 19, loving Venus enters confident Aries. With romantic Venus in bold Aries, you’re reminded that you control your romantic destiny. Do you want to be single? Own it. Do you want to get married? State your needs. The stars align to give you what you want this month, Virgo. It’s your job to follow through. See you in March.

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