Nothing makes me feel quite so ancient as watching a trend that became huge during my adulthood have ample time to die off, lie dormant for a solid decade, and come back in a big way. In this case, the trend is ombré hair color, and the big way is via Victoria Beckham‘s head.

Back in 2010, colorist Tracey Cunningham told Allure that ombré hair was the most requested look she was getting from her clients, and plenty of celebrities were leading the two-tone trend charge, like Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson, and Alexa Chung. A couple years later, there was nary a high-contrast, dip-dyed look in sight. But now it’s being reimagined in a more subtle way by Beckham, who debuted a gradient look to receive The Sunday Times Style Industry Icon of the Year award for leading Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Wearing her own fashion line’s Gathered Waist Midi Dress in a stunning purple satin, Beckham accepted her award with extra-long hair, which, recently, has been a relatively uniform shade of rich, medium brown. Now, however, it starts that shade at the roots and gradually descends into blonde highlights that become increasingly noticeable throughout the length.

In addition to a full-length peek at her look on her Instagram grid, Beckham also posted a closer look with a selfie video on her Instagram Stories. In it, she shares that a new Victoria Beckham Beauty product is launching on May 16. On the brand’s Instagram grid, she also shared a clear look at her new ombré highlights with a video further teasing the launch.

Instagram/Victoria Beckham

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