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When we last were obsessing over Vanessa Hudgens‘s nails, she had an aura manicure using a nude and a lime-green color combination that reminded me of tennis balls. It was a look she debuted at the end of June, and now she’s showing off her latest manicure, which is long, iridescent, and cute all at the same time. 

On July 17, Hudgens posted a video showing off her new color-shifting nails on Instagram Stories. Her almond-shaped tips looked like they were chock full of glitter. Her long nails looked about twice the length of her natural nail bed. From some angles, her nails seemed to be painted with a baby pink hue that had an iridescent finish. From other angles, the nails appeared more like a lime green shimmer. Some of the almond tips even appeared to be holographic silver or blue. Because of how the colors change in the light, my guess is that a holographic topcoat or a duochrome powder was added to each nail. 

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