There comes a time in adult life when having a partner just won’t do it. You need more. The body desires more. Partners often seek ways to make things spicy in bed. One of the most common solutions to stalled relationships is adult toys.

Of course, they’re being used by single people too. But, don’t be fooled that only singles are using adult toys. When things go astray in bed, sex toys for both men and women provide an amazing solution. 

What you shouldn’t do is jump ahead of yourself. First, you need to learn how to use adult toys. There are many ways you can explore both the toys and your body. But, you need to control your desires.

When it comes to these sex tools it is vital to use them in a healthy and safe way. This is the area of expertise where we’re going to help you. If you got yourself the next favorite toy, and you’re unsure how to make the best out of it but remain safe and healthy here’s how to do it best. 

1. Wash After Each Use

Even if you’re using the best adult toys out there, and some of the finest can be found if you check here, hygiene remains paramount. You need to wash them before each use. This is the only way to preserve your health. Even if you’re the only user, washing must not be skipped.

If you want to be extra careful you should wash them before and after usage. Also, ensure that you’re using washers that are good for your skin and never forget to wash them thoroughly with water to ensure that there’s no allergic reaction to chemicals. 

2. Pick The Right Material

When you enter the world of sex toys you’ll quickly learn there are variations in shapes, sizes, and materials used. With the latter, you need to be extra careful.

Mostly, you need to focus on porous and nonporous materials. If you want to share your toy with your partner the better options are the nonporous toys made out of materials such as glass or silicone. They’re more resistant to bacteria.

On the other hand, you have porous toys made out of rubber, nylon, or plastic. If you opt for these ensure that you take extra care as chances of making yourself ill grow. 

3. Don’t Forget The Lube

Don't Forget The Lube

While adult toys are amazing in so many ways, in many instances they can’t replace the real thing. This is especially important to know because you will need a lube. Adult toys can’t replicate the moisture of our bodies, and if you’re not properly aroused lubricant will be necessary.

In the same way, it is important to select the right toy, it is vital to select the lube that will suit your needs. Ensure that you pay attention to the taste, the overall feel, and the ease of removing it from both yourself and the toy. 

4. Use Condoms 

Yes, we get it, it makes little sense. But, does it? In fact, it makes a ton of sense. Remember all the talk about the porous toys? You do? Great! When you’re using those types of adult toys, you must use condoms too. Yes, we understand that there’s no partner or STDs involved, but yet you will preserve your health that way.

Many of these toys contain chemicals that can be dangerous for you if often inserted inside your body. That’s why condoms are a must too. Yes, in the majority of cases, regular washing will do the trick, but use this extra layer of protection too. 

5. Have Regular Toy Inspections 

Have Regular Toy Inspections 

Many of the toys available on today’s market are more than indestructible. Or at least that’s what they appear to be. In many cases, your toys will have longevity. But, some last longer while others don’t. You need to inspect your toys regularly.

If there’s a chance that your toy is broken, or that it’s damaged in any other way you need to cast it away. The worst are those toys that are damaged in a way that they can cause lacerations to your intimate parts. This could lead to serious health complications making regular toy inspections even more important as a part of your sexual routine. 

6. Store Properly

Using adult sex toys can bring a lot of pleasure your way. Often you could even throw your favorite toy across the room from all the excitement. While this will probably happen rarely, people usually tend to forget about their sex toys once used.

Some people just throw them under the bed or sheets while others cast them away into a drawer until the next time. This is not the way to go around with these items. Instead, you should treat them the same way you would your partner.

After every use, clean them, and put them back into their package. Store them safely until the next time. If you don’t do this, there’s a chance they could start malfunctioning, get dirty and dangerous, and you do not want that. 

7. Always Remove Batteries After Use

Always Remove Batteries After Use

This is another serious piece of advice. When you’re using adult toys, you must always remove batteries, especially for dildos. Batteries are well known for being able to corrode themselves and to do the same for your toy.

It is evident how seriously his corrosion can affect your body and overall health. So, after each use ensure that you remove batteries and keep them in separate drawers. This way you’ll notionally protect yourself but you will also prolong the battery’s life. It is a rare win-win situation that will only do you good in the long run. 

Bottom Line

Sex toys are not only about pleasure; they’re also about your health and overall well-being. With the few short paragraphs we wrote above you can have it all. A spiced sexual life, and without a care about your health.

But, only if you closely follow everything we suggested. Read it again, and have it all in mind the next time you pull your favorite toy out and get ready to have some fun. 

And speaking of embracing personal preferences, just as Letitia Wright embraces her sexuality, exploring your own desires can contribute to a more fulfilling and satisfying intimate life.

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