For a long time, football players were reserved for the MLS league. There were some examples like Landon Donovan, who played in Europe. But in the last decade, the number of US players in European leagues has skyrocketed. The major factor was an increased “production” of highly skilled players from the MLS league. Of course, the potential for the future increase is massive, and we need to wait to see how it will occur in the future.

While there are many names we can name as representatives of the US football in Europe, the most important name is Christian Pulisic. We are talking about a player with exceptional technique and finishing, which guarantees exceptional statistics, regardless of the team where he plays. For that particular reason, you can see him being a major factor wherever he played, which is a trait of the masterclass.

Christian Pulisic, with his exceptional technique and finishing prowess, consistently delivers outstanding statistics, regardless of his team. His impact on the field has made him a standout player in the eyes of both fans and those who gamble online. Sites like have provided a unique avenue for fans to not only watch Pulisic and other top American talents but also to actively participate in the thrill of the game by placing bets on various aspects of matches.

The Beginning

Christian Pulisic was born in Pennsylvania in a small town named Hershey. That was exactly the place where he spent most of his early life. He comes from a family of football players. Both his parents played football, or soccer as it is addressed in the United States, at George Mason University. His father’s career wasn’t only on the big pitch since he played indoor football for several years. Several years later, his father became a coach.

Pulisic spent some of his early years in Tackley, Oxfordshire. His family often followed his father’s move because of job positions. Another interesting thing to know about the Pulisic family is that his close cousins, like Will Pulisic, also play football in the MLS league and lower tiers of the national leagues. Christian is a devout Christian of a Catholic denomination, and you will see his social media profiles are filled with Bible quotes. 

Since football is not among the major sports in the United States, it would be safe to presume he also follows other sports. He is a huge fan of the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Jets. Because of his high skills, he was awarded the nickname “Captain America.” He became so popular in his home country that he wrote an autobiographical book released a year ago about his life and professional career.

Pulisic as a Player

When it comes to Christian Pulisic as a player, we are talking about a versatile one. There are two primary positions he can play at. In most cases, coaches see him as an attacking midfielder or second striker. The differences are in small elements that depend on a match’s tactical requirements. On the other side, he can play as a winger due to his high dribbling and crossing skills. He manifested his skills frequently.

His early years were exceptional, and his versatility showed great potential. He started his professional career at a German side, Borussia Dortmund. He debuted in 2016 and quickly found his place in countless notes of European scouts. Still, he played for one of the best clubs on the continent at the time. So, his moving to another side was unrealistic for at least a couple of years. Eventually, that happened.

But the real breakthrough for the US footballer came back in 2019 when he moved to English side Chelsea for the exceptional sum of $73 million. He played in Chelsea for several seasons, and in 2023, he moved to the Serie A team, AC Milan. He is yet to make an impact on his new team. However, he signed a four-year deal, and we can expect many exceptional matches from him in the future.

Personal Life

Personal Life

While there is not much information regarding Christian Pulisic’s personal life, there is some information available to the public. When it comes to his martial status, Christian Pulisic is single, and it is unknown whether he has a girlfriend or not. We’ve mentioned he is a devout Catholic, and he refuses to discuss his personal life with the public. There were some rumors about his girlfriend being Natalie Burkholder.

However, we can see that information is without foundation. Still, the yellow magazines were filled with articles regarding their alleged relationship. The most recent one appeared back in 2021. At that time, he attended a football match where he was photographed with a girl who was identified as Natalie Burkholder. However, as we’ve said, there is no confirmation of them being together whatsoever.

Net Worth

Christian Pulisic’s Net Worth

Last but definitely not least, we want to discuss Christian Pulisic’s net worth. Throughout his career as a professional football player, he earned around $42 million through contracts and sponsorships. Today, at AC Milan, he earns $8.5 million per season. In Chelsea, he earned slightly over $160k per week, which amounted to $45 during his six-year-long contract. However, he went to AC Milan in his fourth year. 

When it comes to endorsements and sponsorships, he roughly earns around $5 million. When you take a look at the sponsorships he gets from massive companies, you will find quite an impressive list. For instance, the list starts with Puma. Later, you will see names such as Gatorade, Panini, Perfect Play, EA Sports, and many more. However, the most important sponsor we want to mention is Nike, which was active until a few years ago when he switched to Puma.


Christian Pulisic is currently the best-known face in the US when it comes to football or soccer. Everything we see says this will continue to be the case for many years in the future. Here, we’ve discussed many details about his career, private life, and net worth. We are more than certain you will find this insight to be of much interest.

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