As a proud Scorpio sun, I love knowing finding out which celebrities I share the placement with, and there are a few gems, including the gorgeous Tracee Ellis Ross. Born on October 29, Ross is a fellow water sign and overall just a glamorous person. So join me as I admire the Black-ish actor’s recent manicure which was as white as white-out tape. 

She shared a peek at her white nails on her Instagram Stories on July 9. In the first photo, Ross looked relaxed with her eyes closed, her head resting on a chair, and her hand posed on her face. Her long tips looked as white as heavy cream, matching the button-up top she was wearing.

Based on that photo, you might think that these nails were almond-shaped. But they were actually oval-shaped, which you can see in the next two photos of her Stories. Ross posted two mirror selfies back to back. In one photo, she wore the white top from her first photo plus matching shorts and a bandeau swimsuit top. In the other, she wore a marigold maxi dress. Her chalk-white ovular nails matched her white phone case (on another note, I need to know how she keeps that case smudge-free.) 

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