Summer is still officially two weeks away, but it’s already been an exciting time for celebrity hair transformations. The hotter months call for a new hairstyle, and several of our favorite stars have been opting for shorter or lighter looks. Tinashe is part of the latter group: She recently debuted some new blonde hair, which reminded me (and plenty of Instagram commenters) of her looks from earlier in her career. 

The new hair officially debuted on June 1 at the press preview for the impending reality show Stars on Mars. The following day, Tinashe shared some selfies of her new hairstyle with Instagram fans along with the caption, “talk to me nice.” 

The singer’s hair fell in loose, honey-blonde curls that reached her hips. Her roots were a dark brunette hue that we have become accustomed to seeing her with. But about an inch from her scalp, her hair was progressively lighter, starting as a caramel brown shade and ending in a lighter honey-blonde color at the tips. 

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When I first saw her Instagram post, it immediately made me think of “2 On,” her debut single and the first song I heard from her. In the music video, which was released in 2014, Tinashe has a similar blonde ombré, and the same could be said about her other music videos from that time period. 

I’m not alone in my nostalgic reverie: Tinashe’s fans are blowing up her comment section with their approval of the throwback style. “omggg this giving 2014/2018 nashe ????” said one, while another declared “BLONDENASHE IS BACK.” 

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