With summer only days away, celebrities are reaching for the scissors, bleach, and hair dye to transition into their summer hairstyles. Tia Mowry clearly felt inspired to do the big chop once again and just returned to being a short-haired baddie. 

The Disney Channel alum shared not one, not two, but five photos showing off her new short haircut on May 31. The haircut in question is a tapered style with a short back and sides and slightly longer pieces of hair at her crown. Her curls at the front form bangs that graze her eyebrows without completely covering them. 

This isn’t her first big chop; she went even shorter at the beginning of 2020, but the reasoning behind this new haircut goes beyond Mowry simply wanting a fresh style. In her caption, she wrote, “There’s something so bittersweet about a nice chop. It feels like a release of old memories, both good & bad, but also, an exciting start to a new era. I’m ready to embark on this chapter of my journey, and everyone knows that there’s nothing more monumental to mark it with than a fresh cut.” 

That new era Mowry is referencing is her status as a newly divorced woman. In October 2022, Mowry announced that she and her ex-husband, Cory Hardict, were divorcing after 14 years together. 

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