I have not left this apartment since Monday, I’ll say to myself on a Friday. It’s my work-from-home dilemma. Prioritizing movement can be a challenge when your home and office have morphed into one space; it’s so easy to sit for eight hours without commutes or coffee runs to break up the day. That’s why I finally decided to invest in a standing desk and walking pad

I’ve had this snazzy setup for two months and, while I hate dramatic phrases like “life-changing,” that’s an accurate description of how this small difference has impacted my daily routine. 

While TikTok creators began praising the benefits of a standing desk throughout the pandemic, it’s also backed by therapists for its myriad health benefits. “It allows you to take a break from sitting, elongate your legs, which opens up your joints at the hip and knee and subsequently allows you to get some elongation of your muscles, which in turn improves circulation,” says  Theresa Marko, PT, DPT, MS, a board-certified orthopedic physical therapist. The walking pad comes with A+ approval, too: It “helps you get mobility of your joints to maintain strength,” according to Dr. Marko. 

Now, let’s talk products. The Flexispot standing desk is deceiving. It appears flimsy in photos but is shockingly sturdy — the top is made from a wood texture and the legs are solid and wobble-free. The adjustable height is motorized and can be controlled from a small LED panel; there’s also a USB port for convenient charging, which is chef’s kiss if your tech devices’ batteries are consistently at three percent.

The adjustable height of the desk makes it easy to put a walking pad underneath, and the Amazon option I purchased couldn’t be more perfect. It’s affordable at $350 and frills-free, with an on/off button and an LED remote to control speed. The best feature is, of course, its compact design — I can simply slide this treadmill to the side of my home office thanks to tiny front wheels; plus it’s designed with a holding bar that enables it to be leaned against a wall to take up less floor space. 

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