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Christina Aguilera fans, drop everything because not only did the singer announce her upcoming Las Vegas residency, but she also shared one of the shortest haircuts we’ve ever seen on her. For the promo photo, Aguilera gave sultry vibes with a wet-looking cropped cut and black makeup. 

In the photo, posted on October 10, Aguilera is dressed in a strapless bodysuit with a mesh bodice while surrounded by a sea of glittery blackness. Hairstylist Igor Rosales styled her edgy cut with a side part. We can’t decide if this is a bob or if the length is short enough to classify as a bixie — a portmanteau of the words bob and pixie — because the textured ends hit the nape of her neck and ear lobe. 

The hair’s wet look paired perfectly with the dark makeup. Los Angeles-based makeup artist Etienne Ortega painted her lids black, creating a dramatic cat eye. He made sure her skin looked as glossy as a glazed donut with some highlighter and likely a lot of skin prep. Some people abide by the beauty rule that you either choose a dramatic lip or eye moment but not both. Aguilera and Ortega said screw that and took us back to the iconic dark lip liner of the ‘90s with her drastic ombré lip. He outlined her lips with black liner and then filled them in with a pink gloss.  

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