I chopped off my curls three years ago after needing to do something different with my hair, and recently, I’ve been tempted to do a second big chop. Now, after seeing Lupita Nyong’o‘s new baldheaded selfies, I think it’s officially time for me to become a short-haired baddie once again. 

Nyong’o posted a selfie of her new bald head with the caption, “Happy without hair!
(Application for the Dora Milaje submitted!).” She wore shimmery rose gold and matte black eye shadows on her eyelids, paired with a cinnamon-hued pigment painted on her lips. Not a single millimeter of hair was left on her head. 

She isn’t new to the baldheaded baddie life. We’ve seen the Black Panther actor with buzz cuts and other short-cropped styles throughout the years. But it’s been a while since she’s gone completely bald. Prior to chopping off her hair, she had short sisterlocks in a mushroom-esque cut with the longest pieces touching the nape of her neck and short bangs that drifted into her eyes. 

But in mid-April, she officially said goodbye to her locs and debuted a new TWA (teeny weeny Afro) in a hilarious video with her hairstylist Vernon François. Clearly, her TWA wasn’t short enough, as evidenced by her new style. 

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