On October 6, Saweetie revealed that one of her manicures, created by her go-to nail artist Temeka Jackson, was included in the Hip-Hop America: The Mixtape Exhibit at the Grammy Museum — an honor that is well deserved, given their intricate and creative manicures. In my opinion, the rapper’s latest manicure deserves its own exhibit because they look expensive — and they must have been, given what’s inside them. 

On October 24, Saweetie posted the Distinguished Speaker certificate that she received from her alma mater, the University of Southern California, and shared some glimpses of the encapsulated square tips. You can see her unbelievably long nails best on the last slide.

Jackson encapsulated golden pieces of foil and a $100 bill within the clear, rectangular jelly tips. She added pieces of the $100 bill to each nail except for the pinky finger, which was simply a jelly nail with gold foil. Jackson added pieces of the bill that displayed the number 100 to the thumbnail and middle finger. You can also see the “one hundred dollars” text on the index finger nail. 

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