You can also play around with geometric nail designs, like slanted lines and shapes to enhance the unique shape.

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Flare Nails

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As the name suggests, this nail shape flares upward and out, and is also known as the duck bill shape. Totty says the best way to enjoy a flared nail is to just have fun with it. “They can’t be plain; flashy colors, fun prints and bling are the way to go,” she says. “You have to really like attention to be able to rock these beauties.”

However, if you work with your hands a lot, this might not be the nail shape for you. “If you work at a bar or you are a hairstylist, have a small child who needs diaper changes, or operate a cleaning business it just won’t work,” Totty says. “They definitely get in the way compared to more traditional shapes.”

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Edge Nails

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Edge nails form a point, but the point is not as long as a stiletto shape or as aggressive as an arrowhead. However, it offers a slightly sharper angled tip than a mountain peak. “They’re shaped with the sides extending straight before the top edges are filed to look like an edge,” Rojas explains. When created with acrylics, the edge nail also forms into a ridge through the center of the nail, mimicking an edge.

If you’re thinking of giving this shape a try, Totty notes that it’s important to be comfortable with the sharpness of the shape. “Those edge nails are very sharp and may get in the way,” she says. “It’s also important to get them filled in more often and reshaped to avoid wear and tear.”

With that being said, Lippmann recommends giving this one a try if you want something different and exciting. “Anyone that wants to try a new nail shape should try this,” she says. “A new nail shape is just as fun as trying out a new nail color.”

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Arrowhead Nails

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Arrowhead nails are a less severe version of a stiletto nail with a shorter point featuring more dramatic angles to create the tip.

“These are perfect for those that don’t have or like the super long nails,” Rojas says.

In fact, this shape is great for someone who wants to test drive long, pointy nails before fully committing to the stiletto shape.

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Popular Nail Shapes: A Final Word

Not sure which nail shape to go with? Screenshot the below graphic for your next nail appointment. Your manicurist can help you decide which one works best on your fingers and with the nail art you’re hoping to get.

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