Beyond pure pink, the top colorful hair color trend in Korea this year is called ash violet or ash purple, as seen on NewJeans’ Hanni. Naturally, black hair often has a yellow tint after bleaching, so adding an ash-toned purple on top of it ensures that the dye job doesn’t fade back to yellow, as it is a complementary color, Park explains. Plus, ash violet helps post-bleached hair “maintain a beige tone to keep hair prettier longer,” Choi says.  

6. Coral Beige (코랄 베이지) 

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – MAY 22: Rose of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK is seen at the ‘Saint Laurent’ The Hyundai pop-up store opening event at The Hyundai on May 22, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)Getty Images

Rosé of Blackpink can’t get enough of this hair color trend. She’s kept up her coral beige dye job for both weekends of Coachella, a Sulwhasoo event at the Met, and the Cannes Film Festival. This look is not quite honey blonde, not quite bright coral. It’s somewhere in between for this sherbert-y, peach-pink hue. 

7. Vintage Orange (빈티지 오렌지) 

Scroll through any of the stylists’ Instagrams and you’ll see lots of grungy, brick-like orange hair with hints of brown. The look is often tagged “vintage orange” or “brick orange.” Basically, it’s an auburn-meets-copper dye job that fades to a soft, flattering beige blonde. For those with deep brown and black hair, vintage orange is an amazing choice because it won’t take as many bleach sessions to lift your natural color to the level needed for this look. 

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