A rose is a rose is a rose is the only hairstyle we want to wear this spring. The ubiquitous slicked-back bun blossomed into something far more interesting when hairstylists at fashion week gave the classic chignon a twist. At Jason Wu’s fall 2023 show, models’ hair was wound into a tight bun to replicate a delicate rosebud; walking the runway at Cristian Siriano, models donned buns in full bloom with layers and layers of “petals.”

The beauty of this updo is its ability to take on different shapes and sizes based on both your hair and how you choose to execute the look. At New York Fashion Week, stylists straightened models’ hair to take sleek to the next degree, but waves, curls, and coils can be spun into this floral design just as well. It’s like a ballerina bun — with a lot more character. “Just like flowers, each bun should take its own personalized form,” says hairstylist Lacy Redway, who dreamed up the hairstyle for the Cristian Siriano show.

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Redway was inspired by Siriano’s collection (Florals and more florals… groundbreaking, no?) but you don’t have to be in a garden-inspired ensemble to wear this hairstyle. “It’s a flattering look and can easily be dressed up or down,” says hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who created the look for the Jason Wu fall 2023 show. We see ourselves wearing it to the upcoming spring wedding on our calendar or perhaps the fancy date we are manifesting, but who’s to say it wouldn’t make a great accessory with jeans and a T-shirt?

“The sleekness of the bun elevates the look from hair that’s been pulled back quickly just to get it out of the face. It’s sexy and dramatic,” Paul says. And it’s exactly how we see our hair taking shape for at least the next few months. Here, hairstylists share how to recreate the look on your own.

What You’ll Need to Create a Rose Bun

This is no messy bun; set aside at least 30 minutes along with these products and tools.

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