On June 16, Doja Cat dropped her single “Attention” and soon after announced her upcoming The Scarlet Tour. With her album First of All on the way, I’ve been paying close attention to her posts and searching for hints about her upcoming music, and I think her recent manicure, which is confusing fans, might be foreshadowing something. 

On July 11, Doja shared a close-up look at four of her long nails with only a baby bird emoji as the caption. Her go-to nail artist Saccia created this square-shaped set. She added a ton of random decals to about three-quarters of each clear tip. Gems in circle and diamond shapes, heart charms, and a pink pearlescent star were just a few of the charms I spotted on these digits. You can also see the back of a massive diamond gem that appears to have the shape of the heart on her thumb nail. 

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Many fans were confused about this textured manicure, and that’s understandable, given the visible glue tabs and the bubbles in them. User @stephie_nails praised the look, commenting, “These nails are banging! They’re just stuck on with glue tabs I think. Stop hating! X.” Another user was curious about her nail decals. “How many gems r on your nails?,” Instagram user @sillydoja shared. 

Another fan by the name of @imsrgio commented, “GUYS SHE IS SHOWING 4 NAILS SO PAINT THE TOWN RED WILL BE OUT IN 4 DAYS WE WIN,” indicating that the post might be teasing the release of the song “Paint the Town Red.” And I do agree with @imsrgio, at least partially. I think these nails were a temporary press-on set for a photo shoot or music video because of the peeling glue tabs, but I don’t think it’s necessarily teasing the specific song “Paint the Town Red.” 

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