Bright lights, flashing cameras, and lots of action can all be found backstage at fashion week — but at the spring 2024 shows, it was the colorful pigments on makeup artists’ brushes that had Allure’s undivided attention. Two-toned lips, cheekbones radiating with blush, and neon eyeliner couldn’t go unnoticed.

Stepping away from the expected — like black ink framing the eyes and a delicate flush on cheeks — makeup artists showed us inspiring ways to play with color. And it turns out, swapping red (or yellow or pink) for your typical neutral shade looks less shocking than you might imagine, and swiping on two complementary lipsticks is so much more fun than wearing only one. All of our favorite makeup looks this season are refreshingly wearable — and certainly not just reserved for the runway.

You’ll want to start stocking up on vibrant blush, eyeshadow, and eyeliner now. Here, the prettiest makeup inspiration for spring 2024.

Try two-toned lips in softer colors.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Two-toned lips met quiet luxury at Ulla Johnson’s spring 2024 show. Lead makeup artist Romy Soleimani switched up the typically over-the-top look (usually in combinations like magenta and lilac or green and blue) to something fit for every day: “I played with the colors from the collection. I love that kind of almost acidy, pale peach mixed with the earthy terracotta. It reminds me of a sunset or a sunrise,” she told Allure. After prepping with lip liner, she swiped Sisley Paris Phyto-Rouge Lipstick in Beige Tahiti on the top lip and Phyto-Rouge Lipstick in Orange Ibiza on the bottom. Avoid pressing your lips together to maintain the contrast.

Set aside your black liner for something more colorful.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

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