As with any makeup look, prep is key for a flawless, lasting finish. Holm recommends using an eyeshadow primer to ensure that your eyeshadow stays put on your eyelids and “pops.” 

Once you have the perfect canvas, sweep on a light shimmery shade of eyeshadow all over the lid. “I’m a huge fan of Pat McGrath’s foiled eyeshadows,” says Holm. “They glide effortlessly and deliver an iridescent sparkle.” This look thrives on the seamless blend of gleaming shadows across the lid, so Holm stresses the importance of a good blending brush — she reaches for the Sculpt by Spectrum Collection tapered blending brush.

Hailey Bieber 

Though it’s undeniably eye-catching, the glazed eyeshadow look is meant to be wearable even on the most average of days (versus being a statement look). That said, Holm recommends keeping the colors subtle and soft. “Pastel tones like lilac, peach, or mint green are perfect for summer,” says Holm, though don’t feel limited to these colors.

This final step that separates glazed eyeshadow from any other shimmery eye look is adding the “wet” finish. If you’ve already reached for your favorite clear lip gloss, put down the tube. There is a much better (and less sticky) way to go about it.  “You can achieve the same look without having gloss drip all over your face,” says Kate Synnott, a makeup artist and the beauty director of Róen Beauty. There are three easy ways to get you there: apply your eyeshadow with a damp brush (Holm’s go-to method), use a sheer highlighter stick (Synott does this with the Róen Roglow skin stick; she’s a brand ambassador) atop your eyeshadow, or add a glossy top coat over your finished eyeshadow. 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Eye, Cheek & Lip Cream Pigment

Róen Beauty Róglow Skin Stick

Pat McGrath Mothership V: Bronze Seduction

The Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Cream Pigment in Clear Glaze layers beautifully over eyeshadow. For a seamless finish — without any smudging — Drita Paljevic, a makeup artist and Kevyn Aucoin brand ambassador recommends using your ring finger for a delicate touch.

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