I realize that Barbiecore is having a major moment right now, and it’s more or less associated with certain shades of pink ranging from bubblegum to magenta. But if you’re anything like me (read: over 40 years old), you very much associate Barbie with an additional non-pink hue: peach. Peaches ‘N Cream Barbie was an ’80s icon, and just in time for the Summer of Barbie, Jennifer Lopez just got the exact manicure the doll would have had if her little plastic fingies had the space.

Virtually everything about J. Lo’s look for The Flash premiere was perfection, like her super-duper-long, sleek ponytail. But if you didn’t squint — or if you don’t follow nail artist Tom Bachik on Instagram — you might have missed her chic, pastel-peach manicure, which complemented the skirt of her Gucci ensemble. Bachik understandably called it a Peaches & Cream manicure, and he provided all of the details about how he created such a timeless look. 

After prepping Lopez’s nails with his own Tweezerman travel set collab and applying Aprés Nails Whitney Neutral Gel-X Tips in Natural Coffin Medium atop her natural nails, he applied Aprés’s Base Gelcoat

The gorgeous peach hue is actually a combination of the two Aprés Gel Couleurs: How You Dune and Gossamer Light. And of course, it’s topped off with the brand’s Top Gelcoat X.

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