Fragrance is powerful. It can be deeply nostalgic, transporting you to a specific time or place; it can also impact your mood, energizing you when you’re tired or offering relaxation when you need to decompress. The scent you choose becomes an extension of yourself — and that’s why the journey of finding the right one is so important. 

When deciding on a signature scent, we recommend identifying your favorite notes and profiles. Noses that prefer the gourmand family, for example, will gravitate toward fragrances rich in “edible,” dessert-reminiscent scents like vanilla and caramel. (You’ll find this in the likes of Lavanila and the TikTok-beloved Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’62.) Others prefer classic florals that evoke the feeling of walking into a fresh garden, with notes of bergamot, pear, and gardenia. (If that sounds like you, give Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum a try.) 

And here’s the fun part: You can have more than one favorite. Consider fragrance an accessory that can be swapped to match your outfit or, in this case, your mood. Lavender for work? Great. Amber for date night? Do it. 

We’ve done the hard work and streamlined the best fragrances on Amazon, below. And with picks ranging from musky to clean, you’re guaranteed to find a scent (or several) that steals your heart. Spritz away. 

Malin + Goetz Eau de Parfum in Strawberry

Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum

While many strawberry scents err on the sickly sweet side, this Malin + Goetz Eau de Parfum is surprisingly sophisticated thanks to a musky base of cedarwood, oak moss, and orris root. Top notes of bergamot, mara strawberry, and pink pepper add a whisper of floral that feels like springtime on your skin. 

You’ve heard of French skin care, but French perfume has especially fancy vibes.  Feeling like an extra on the set of Emily in Paris can be achieved through a single spritz of Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum. Inspired by the city of love, this scent combines bergamot, pear, and gardenia for a classic floral finish you’ll never tire of. Plus, the 1920s-esque glass bottle and intricate brass cap won’t look too shabby on your dresser, either. 

Panier des Sens Eau de Toilette

Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance Pure Vanilla

Close your eyes and picture running through the purple fields of Provence. Now open your eyes. That’s the feeling bottled up in Panier des Sens Eau de Toilette, a concentrated fragrance with a standout lavender note that smells like a fresh bouquet. This is both soothing and affordable at less than $40, checking off all the boxes on its journey to becoming your new everyday scent. 

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